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    Brambly Hedge  by Jill Barklem

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    The Inagaki Animal Hospital is a local veterinary clinic in Niigata, which happens to be the hometown of Rumiko Takahashi. How lucky can you be to get one of the world’s most famous mangaka to design your sign for you? Soichiro and Shampoo make great mascots.

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    "I slay bugs."  From an 1892 ad for Hammon’s Slug-Shot Insecticide & Fertilizer.

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    Gouache / 2014

    really sold on gouache

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    Nezumi (Rats) and Root Vegetables

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    Jacob Vrel (Dutch, active c. 1654-1670), oil on panel
    Frits Lugt Collection

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    The weirdest vintage Halloween costumes

    They just straddle the line between silly and horrifying

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