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    Meet Clyde…


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    Were you born to raise hell? The biggest thing since World War III? If so, maybe you should contribute to my upcoming fanzine for the animated cult classic Rock & Rule

    Possible submission ideas include:

    • Character portraits
    • Illustrations and comics inspired by the film or your experience with the film
    • Short essays, poetry, and other written works
    • Anything else that can fit onto an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper folded in half. Think you can design a papercraft Mok? Great! I wish you well on your hellish journey of discovery.

    It’s an open field. Just keep the content PG-13ish (if you feel your idea is on the upper edge of that threshold, please ask anyway!).


    Since this is fan work, it’s not a paid gig. Every contributor gets a high-res PDF to print off and independently sell at conventions/zine fairs/expos/etc. if they so choose. It won’t be sold online. This is just for fun!


    If you’re interested, please contact krisjacque AT gmail DOT com with your idea. If you want to do a character portrait, weigh in early. I don’t want to wind up with nothing but pictures of Mok!

    Images/comics should be roughly 6.5” x 8.5” at 300 DPI, minimum. Grayscale or B/W lineart only.

    Deadline is November 15, 2014. 

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    I thought maybe these guys deserved a close up !

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    "She likes wolves."

    - goat

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    Happy Sunday, hope you’re eating a good breakfast. Above is a panel from a one-page comic about some people eating at a diner. The home of breakfast foods!



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    #36: Pappy’s Literary Banjo Hour

    We pay a visit to Uncle Pappy, and get some critical advice on addict bears while Dick Chipper searches for the best soundtrack editor. Also, we’ll look at some books, maybe.If we’re not too busy trying to avoid being nude.

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    check out my first zbrush model its a totally realistic portrait of my head