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    for my “dream dungeon” pinterest board

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  3. cap-ulet:

    let’s take a moment to appreciate my boyfriends house and this magical room I can’t even

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  4. zakeno:

    Rambunctious country coyote girl who loves playing hard rock anthems on her banjolele and eating trash!

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  5. lonequixote:

    The Golden Knight (detail of Beethoven Frieze) Gustav Klimt

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  7. deathandmysticism:

    Adriaen van Cronenburgh, Detail of the Portrait of Katheryn of Berain, 1568

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  8. jeremysorese:

    Almost done with this book of new paintings

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    hey guys I made a patreon and I’d be super appreciative if you boosted it!

    Help me update more often than I do, oh boy! And get lots of fun perks in the meantime, oh boy!

  10. fieldghost:

    Old comic for Rruffurr 1.  Larger versions on fieldghost,com